Mentoring / Coaching


We Help You Build In-House Expertise

As part of a comprehensive skills development plan, your employees attend hands-on training classes. However, the scenarios in the labs are generic, simplified, and not likely to apply to your complex business.

Charsoft Consulting helps bridge the gap between formal training and on-the-job upleveling of skills. We translate in-class concepts to real-world next steps, so that employees use their new knowledge immediately after learning best practices.

Our mentoring program consists of the following steps:
  • Meet with manager and employee to identify goals 
  • Create a mentorship plan with actionable, measurable steps
  • Weekly check-ins with the mentee to verify progress and tweak objectives as needed
  • Documentation of best practices for future reference 
Mentorship plans are billed in blocks 40 hours each. Similar to retaining a lawyer with an up-front fee, you retain our mentoring services, and we support your ongoing success. When the hours run out, you can renew for another block of 40 hours.